1 Peter

Pray for Elders!

Outline (1 Peter 5:1-4):

1.    Pray for men who have experienced God’s work in their own lives (v1)

2.    Pray for men who are ready to suffer (context of 1 Peter eg 4:12, 5:5)

3.    Pray for men who recognise that it’s God’s flock (v2)

4.    Pray for men who care for the sheep the way Jesus did

i.              That they would serve not under compulsion, but willingly (v2) 

ii.            That they would serve not for shameful gain, but eagerly (v2)

iii.          That they wouldn’t be domineering, but would be examples to the flock (v3)

5.    Pray for men who have their eyes on the prize (v4)