Recommended books: Mark, Ecclesiastes, Peter

On Sunday mornings we've just started back into Mark's gospel. Let's Study Mark divides the book into small sections, and adds 2-3 pages of explanation for each part. 

It would be an ideal way to get more familiar with the message of Mark's gospel, reading one section per day.

It's written by Sinclair Ferguson, who has been a minister in Glasgow, South Carolina & Dundee. All his books are worth looking out for.

There are also Let's Study guides for the rest of the New Testament books. Cheapest online price: £6.99

Finally, we've just finished a series on 1st Peter in the evening services and we're still bumping into him quite a lot in our series on Mark's gospel (Peter is most likely the eyewitness who gave Mark his information).

Peter: Eyewitness of His Majesty by Edward Donnelly (formerly minister of Trinity Reformed Presbyterian Church in Northern Ireland) is a great introduction to one of Jesus' closest disciples, and shows what we can learn from him today.

Cheapest online price: £5.20

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At our Thursday evening Bible study we've recently started into Ecclesiastes - which has been called the most difficult book of the Bible to interpret!

However it's also been called 'the most contemporary book in the Bible' because it 'exposes the mad quest to find satisfaction in knowledge, wealth, pleasure, work, fame, and sex'. So it's worth working hard to try and understand it!

Destiny is a brand new book which came out the day we started studying Ecclesiastes. It's easy to read, and gets the message of Ecclesiastes across very well.

It's written by David Gibson, a minister in Aberdeen and comes recommended by Dale Ralph Davis & Alec Motyer (anything they've written on the Old Testament is worth reading).

Cheapest online price: £6.79