Bible studies

End of Year lunch

After our final Wednesday Bible Study of 2017 we enjoyed having lunch together at Henry's Bay House. Those of us who are free during the day meet together each Wednesday in the church at 11am to discuss the Bible passage that was preached on the previous Lord's Day morning.

These Bible studies recommence on Wednesday 10th January 2018 - all welcome!

henrys bay house.jpg

This is becoming an annual event - here are the photos from last year's lunch!

Shorter Catechism resources

Last week we began a series of studies on the Shorter Catechism - one of the greatest summarises of the Bible's teaching ever produced.

There are a few helpful resources out there to help memorise it. Many of the questions have been set to music by Bruce Benedict. They are available to buy digitally via iTunes or on CD here. A sample of one of the questions is below.

An audiobook version is also available for free via Ligonier - read by Sinclair Ferguson, a well-known Scottish theologian who has ministered in Glasgow, the United States, and Dundee.


Various modern-language versions of the catechism are available, including one here by Andrew Conway that can be bought as a paper book or downloaded for kindle.

Update: I've also been reminded of a great resource for family worship based on the Shorter Catechism:  Training Hearts, Teaching Minds by Starr Meade.


Update 2: David Whitla, who spoke at our Firm Foundations weekend, produced a series of handouts on the Shorter Catechism when he was pastor in Southside RPCNA.

Reading Lamentations

Lamentations is probably one of the least-known books of the Bible - but we're hoping to become more familiar with it over the next 4 weeks as we read it together using the notes from Let's Worship God, and then get together on Thursday evenings at 6:30pm to discuss it.


The notes were written by Kyle Borg, minister of Winchester RP Church in Kansas. He's pictured above with Stephen at the RP International Conference in the summer. To read more of Kyle's writing, check out his contributions to the Gentle Reformation blog. His sermons are available to listen to on Reformed Voice, along with a helpful seminar he gave at the Conference on rural and small town ministry:

End of year lunch

We enjoyed having lunch together in the Craignelder after our last Wednesday Bible study of 2016.

Those who are free during the day meet together each Wednesday to discuss the passage from the previous Sunday morning's sermon.

The first one in 2017 will be on Wednesday 11th January at 11am in the church. It's been good to have some new faces along over the past few months, and there's always room for a few more - so if you're free on Wednesday mornings, please do join us!