Boys' and Girls' Camps 2019

A number of Scottish young people attended RP camps during July and August, including Hannah and Daniel from Stranraer. They both answered a number of questions about their time for the RPCS website:

junior camps 2019.jpg

What was something you learned or that stood out for you from the talks?
Hannah (Stranraer) & Katherine (North Edinburgh) – That Jesus can save anybody no matter what you’ve done.
Daniel – When God comes back to the world, He’ll judge us and then make the world perfect and put us in it.

What was your favourite activity?
Katherine & Hannah – The Edge (water sports park)
Daniel – Let’s Go Hydro (water park)

What was your favourite thing about Camp overall?
Daniel – Learning about Jesus.

senior camp 2019.jpg

You can read the others’ answers here and here. You can also read about Senior Camp, which Stephen helped organise up until last year. Six young people from Scotland attended, all of whom were either on our go team last week, or had been on last year’s team. The speaker this year was Robert McCollum, who will be coming over to baptise Poppy on 21st September.